Apex Chambers Quality Assurance
Policy Statement

Apex Chambers was set up in 2007 to re-imagine what a provincial chamber could be, with an emphasis on specialisation; we have brought together established skilled advocate from England and Wales specialising in fraud, serious and organised crime, confiscation, professional discipline and regulatory law, all with the shared commitment to employ the highest legal expertise, the finest advocacy and the greatest determination in our clients’ service.

Our objective is to become the leading specialist set of provincial chambers and the first choice for those seeking the greatest expertise in serious crime, professional discipline and regulatory work.

Apex achieved the highly converted BARMARK award in 2011 and has maintained it since. As well as working in accordance with these requirements, chambers also works in line with practise management Guidelines and the Code of Conduct of the Bar of England and Wales and this is communicated to our clients, both lay and professional, though our website and other marketing material, produced periodically.

Chambers works hard to achieve compliance with all standards and performs regular reviews of its policies and processes. Findings are considered by the management Committee and changes are made as necessary. In future, chambers will also be subjected to ongoing review audit by the British Standards institution and successor auditor as shall be approved for the purpose of BARMARK.

Chambers has a policy of clear communication both amongst its staff and members as well as with its clients. To support this, the management committee meets on a regular basis, staff meetings are held periodically and the client feedback sought on an annual basis, The members of chambers enjoy an annual general meeting and decision of substance by the management committee may be put before an extraordinary general meeting, In addition to this, chambers host various events for its clients with a view to developing professional relationships further.