Equal Opportunities Policy

Apex Chambers is committed to equality of opportunity for people and to equality of treatment of people regardless of their background, nationality, race, colour, creed, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

Apex Chambers has an Equal Opportunities Policy – EOPS Policy. The Apex Chambers EOPS Policy sets out the ways in which these commitments are pursued. It is a policy that is in compliance with the Bar Standards Board’s Equality and Diversity Code. Through its EOPS Policy, Apex Chambers demonstrates its commitment to take seriously the fair treatment of its lay clients, professional clients, staff, pupils and members.

The contents of and the purpose of the EOPS Policy have been communicated throughout Chambers. Its existence is made known to clients (both lay and professional) and the wider public via the Chambers website.

Policy Scope
The EOPS Policy covers the recruitment of staff, members and pupils and their retention and career development; the allocation of work within Chambers; disability and access; maternity, paternity and flexible working; complaints handling and monitoring.

Equal Opportunities Officer
A Chambers member holds the post of Equal Opportunities Officer – EOPS Officer. The EOPS Officer has received training in Equal Opportunities awareness. The EOPS Officer’s role and responsibilities can be summarised as follows;
- ensuring that all Chambers policies are compliant with the requirements of the EOPS Policy.
- organising and delivering EOPS training and / or briefings for Chambers members and staff.
- advising Chambers members and staff on EOPS issues.